"Because of all your support, I have been able to provide for myself and my son during my fight with breast cancer.


When a person is struggling with ill health or the responsibility of being a caregiver, having someone reach out to lighten the load is a gift that can bring a smile, a sigh of relief, or the motivation to soldier on.


That’s why we provide expressions of kindness to people in our community. We work to identify people who need a kind gesture—and we make it a reality. In doing so, both the person helping and the person being helped are uplifted. And our community becomes a nicer place for everyone who lives here.


Silver Liming is kindness in action. Here are our current programs:

Kind Gestures

When we hear of a person in need, Silver Liming Foundation volunteers step in. We drive people to medical appointments, organize meal trains,  send gifts, and so much more. Learn more >

Current Campaigns


Support Sophie. For Sophie, an eight-year old girl in Berkeley Heights battling stage 4 neuroblastoma, Silver Liming is coordinating the collection of funds and ensuring that every donation is tax-deductible. And we continue to offer Sophie and her family kind gestures.


Help Us Feed a Family of Four. Silver Liming Foundation is requesting donations to help feed a family while both parents struggle with health issues.  Mom has been in and out of chemotherapy for the past three years, resulting in job loss for extended periods of time.   Some of the cancer treatments are not covered by insurance, and money is tight.  Dad's health has also been an issue, including a number of surgeries on his intestines.  Currently, both parents are out of work.  It seems that they just can't get a break.  We would like to provide dinner for the next month.  For just $25.00 you can provide a delicious, nutritious dinner for all four of them.  Please consider sponsoring dinner for the family. Go to our venmo account or visit our Donate page and specify "Familyof4" in the note section.

"Making a Difference" High School Scholarship


Kindness is both innate and learned--and it’s contagious in a community. Our scholarship is awarded annually to a student who consistently demonstrates kindness without expecting a reward. Learn more >


The purpose of the “Making a Difference” scholarship is to show appreciation to a high school student who goes above and beyond to be kind, even when there are no accolades to be had. The intent of this scholarship is to recognize one individual who exemplifies kindness in his/her daily life.


Students will be nominated by high school faculty and staff, including teachers, custodians, secretaries, para professionals, and guidance department.  Students should be the silent heroes that make days better for others through their kind and considerate actions.  This student may be viewed as humble.

The timeline for distribution will follow the Governor Livingston High School awards schedule. The scholarship is a one-time gift to a senior in high school.


Scholarship amount: $500  

A personal check will be written to the scholarship winner.  

The winner will use the money as needed.


The Silver Liming Foundation (grantor) will trust the Governor Livingston scholarship committee to select the scholarship winner.  The nominees will exemplify kindness in daily life, without seeking credit for their actions.  The Silver Liming Foundation will adhere to the deadlines set forth by the committee. The scholarship  will be given at the Awards Night ceremony, as dictated by the school calendar.  

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