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When a person is struggling with ill health or the responsibility of being a caregiver, having someone reach out to lighten the load is a gift that can bring a smile, a sigh of relief, or the motivation to soldier on.


That’s why we provide expressions of kindness to people in our community. We work to identify people who need a kind gesture—and we make it a reality. In doing so, both the person helping and the person being helped are uplifted. And our community becomes a nicer place for everyone who lives here.


Silver Liming is kindness in action. Here are our current campaigns:

Current Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Coming Soon!

Kind Gestures

When we hear of a person in need, Silver Liming Foundation volunteers step in. We drive people to medical appointments, organize meal trains,  send gifts, and so much more. Learn more >

Accomplished Gestures

Silver Liming Foundation spreads kindness one gesture at a time.  Click here for a list of kind gestures we have accomplished over the years.

"Making a Difference" High School Scholarship

Kindness is both innate and learned--and it’s contagious in a community. Our scholarship is awarded annually to a student who consistently demonstrates kindness without expecting a reward. Learn more >

High School Scholarship

2023 Winner:  Landry Lorne

Landry Lorne is the 2023 Silver Liming Foundation Making a Difference Scholarship winner.

Ms. Lorne is a kind and compassionate friend to all.  Her teachers commented on how she is patient and kind with students in need, even when no one was looking.  She is attending Sacred Heart University in the fall and is an EMT on the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad. Her favorite club at GL was Student Auxiliary, and she ran cross country, winter track, and track and field in the spring. Congratulations Landry!

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2022 Winner:  Abigail Biegel

Abigail Beigel is the 2022 Silver Liming Making a Difference Scholarship award winner.  

Ms. Beigel was nominated by three of her Governor Livingston teachers, who appreciated the fact that Abby helped her classmates during the past few years.  Abigail was Vice President of her class, and served as manager of the swim team at GL.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, and the National Athletic Honor Society.  Abby is off to Indiana University.  She is kind because ,”You never know what someone is going through.  Being kind can lighten the load of those struggling.” Congratulations Abigail!

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2021 Winner: Athena Nguyen

Athena was nominated by six staff members of Governor Livingston High School. She consistently helps others, is kind to everyone, and does it all with a smile. When given the award, Athene said, "I promise I will keep being kind." She inquired if she earned the award because she was deaf, and was pleased that the award was solely based on her kindness. Athena was president of two clubs, GL Deaf Highlander Club and the American Sign Language Club. Facing challenges in the classroom as a deaf student, Athena focused on her interpreters in mainstream classes. This was strenuous on her eyes, but instead of complaining, she supported other deaf students who were in need. She was involved in a concert band and played percussion for three years. Athena will be attending Bergen Community College in the fall. Congratulations Athena!

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2020 Winner: Domenico Deluca

Domenico Deluca was the first person to be awarded the Silver Liming "Making a Difference” Scholarship.  Domenico was a senior at Governor Livingston High School GLHS), and as part of the graduating class of 2020 was eligible for the scholarship.  He was a member of the student government, president of the Italian Club, active member of the Mountainside Volunteer Rescue Squad, and participated in countless activities at GLHS. He is a selfless person who has helped anyone in need who crossed his path.  Domenico is a natural leader who spreads kindness wherever he goes.  

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