One KIND gesture
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HUGE difference


YOU are at the center of our KIND GESTURES

"We are just so thankful for all the blessings you have given us.  God bless you for your generosity.  We are so grateful. Dylan loves his new bed, I love my new washer and dryer and Kyle really enjoyed the lasagna.  God bless everyone at Silver Liming.  Thank you for everything." - Merlyn T.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful edible arrangement. My heart is so full.  So blessed with so much love and support.  Angels walk amongst us and you and your foundation continue to touch so many lives. I’m so grateful to you all." - Cathy B.

"May your kindness return to you in the same beautiful way it was offered. God bless you for your generosity."

-  Francine T.

"When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments, the volunteers at Silver Liming were there for us like no one else. They put together a chemo bag to prepare us for days spent in the infusion lab, activated a meal train with dinners tailored to his tastes, and even came by to decorate the outside of our house for Christmas. We were on lockdown during the holidays due to his stem cell transplant, which comprised his immunity and kept us housebound. The love and support provided brought light to some very dark days. Silver Liming volunteers are angels!" - Gail N.

"Thank you so much for sending chocolate covered strawberries!  It truly put a smile on my face.  I hope that you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday." - Tara G.



Inspired by the starfish, we offer five types of kind gestures to people in our community.


We never forget those less fortunate than us and work to fill needs for essential supplies.  We have supplied the following items to the Community Food bank over the years:


•  Sunblock drive

•  Cereal drive

•  Canned food collections

•  Hats, scarves and gloves collection

•  Toiletries drive

•  Feminine hygiene products

•  Hoodies for the homeless


We  understand  the difficulty many face when becoming the caregiver of a sick or disabled family member. Kind gestures towards caregivers bring a bit of sunshine to their pressure-filled lives. 


•  Date night for parents of severely handicapped child

•  Gift for teacher who supported grieving students

•  Clothing and gifts for high school caregiver 

•  Sweet surprise for home healthcare aide

•  Commuting costs covered for parents of NICU baby

•  Groceries were supplied for teenage caregivers



We show kindness, caring, and a willingness to help those who are sick or experiencing misfortune. During difficult times our goal is to be thoughtful of others.

•  Home meal delivery for cancer patients and families 

•  Financial contributions for family of baby having heart surgery

•  Chemo “COPE” totes to keep patient comfortable and occupied

•  Bookmarks for Berkeley Heights 4th graders

•  Flowers for 2019 Mother’s Day 5k participants

•  Fruit basket sent as sympathy gift

•  Baby food, diapers and clothes collected for single mom with cancer

•  Mary Kay beauty products provided to cancer patients



We offer assistance to those battling disease and those who have been injured.  Our goal is to ensure that our neighbors with diagnosed medical needs know they are not alone.

•  Man receives visit from Meditation teacher before chemo for anxiety

•  Meal train for local woman battling bone/breast cancer

•  Easter dinner delivered to local woman battling breast cancer

•  Gift for man who suffered a stroke

•  Friendly visits to homebound residents to lift their spirits



We offer comfort and support for local children in need.  Our goal is to brighten a child's day by addressing, and possibly resolving their needs.

•  Eyeglasses 

•  Easter baskets 

•  Get well gifts

•  Back-to-school supplies/clothing

•  Tickets to Devils game

•  Day of fun (Pottery painting etc)

•  Holiday gifts

Spreading Kindness: Silver Liming Foundation Volunteers Hand Out Treats to Clean-up Utility Crews


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