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High School Scholarship


The purpose of the “Making a Difference” scholarship is to show appreciation to a high school student who goes above and beyond to be kind, even when there are no accolades to be had. The intent of this scholarship is to recognize one individual who exemplifies kindness in his/her daily life.


Students will be nominated by high school faculty and staff, including teachers, custodians, secretaries, para professionals, and guidance department.  Students should be the silent heroes that make days better for others through their kind and considerate actions.  This student may be viewed as humble.

The timeline for distribution will follow the Governor Livingston High School awards schedule. The scholarship is a one-time gift to a senior in high school.


Scholarship amount: $500  

A personal check will be written to the scholarship winner.  

The winner will use the money as needed.


The Silver Liming Foundation (grantor) will trust the Governor Livingston scholarship committee to select the scholarship winner.  The nominees will exemplify kindness in daily life, without seeking credit for their actions.  The Silver Liming Foundation will adhere to the deadlines set forth by the committee. The scholarship  will be given at the Awards Night ceremony, as dictated by the school calendar.  

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